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CRTify is a collection of assets that help you build the perfect CRT screen in Unreal Engine 4.

Want a PC monitor style circular shadow mask at 640x480 resolution with the green subpixels toned down a little and a particular non-symmetrical triad layout? Or perhaps an aperture grille like your old Trinitron had? Are you a stickler for authenticity and insist that NTSC standard pixels should be taller than they are wide? Do you not know what any of that means and just want to slap on some materials you don't understand so your retro game looks more authentic? We've got you covered.

The subpixels are generated using a Substance archive (You don't need to own Substance Designer to use it) which means you get procedural flexibility over their appearance, but the performance, compatibility, and mipmaps of a static texture.

The included materials also simulate several of the classic adjustment knobs like trapezoid and pincushion, and even many artifacts like phosphor decay, overshoot, and magnetic interference. Make your look as idealized and sharp or dirty and stylized as you want.

Free updates for life are included in the price, but you should buy now as it might go up as more features are added!

Read the documentation here

Generating subpixel masks in CRTify requires the Substance plugin, though you can export static versions of the textures to any version or platform.

By using this software, you agree to the license agreement outlined in CRTify EULA.txt

If you have any questions or need technical support, please email us!


Buy Now$29.99 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $29.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

CRTify (Beta 1).zip 11 kB
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CRTify (Beta 4).zip 86 MB
CRTify (Beta 5).zip 84 MB
CRTify 1.0.zip 84 MB
CRTify 1.0.1.zip 84 MB
CRTify 1.1.0.zip 84 MB
CRTify 1.2 (4.15).zip 84 MB
CRTify 1.3 (4.16).zip 84 MB
CRTify 1.4.0 (4.17).zip 84 MB
CRTify 1.4.1 (4.17).zip 84 MB
CRTify 1.5.0 (4.18).zip 84 MB
CRTify 1.6.0 (4.19).zip 84 MB

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